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Thursday, August 23, 2012

FunBites Giveaway! US/CAN - 9/4

Review and Giveaway hosted by The Momma And Boys

Oliver's Labels by Jennifer is pleased to participate in promoting this giveaway. I know my girls LOVE it when I use cookie cutters to cut their cheese sandwiches into hearts etc. I know they would love to have one of these FunBites to cut their food into cute bite sized pieces. And this is your chance to win it for YOUR family. Read the following review from The Momma And Boys and enter to win below:)

Who doesn’t love things that can make your job easier? Or even something that makes your children want to eat their food while having fun doing it? I know I do!

I had the pleasure to try FunBites Cube it! They also have the Luv It cutter as well, which is going to be my next purchase when I have some extra cash! The Cube It cutter has made cutting up my childrens’ food so much easier, as well more fun for them.

Mama’s boy #3 was anxious to try out the Cube it FunBites product. We made cinnamon toast first to try it out when we first received it! It was a great hit! My children hate having crust on their bread and I admit I usually make them eat around it, but this great product not only cuts up their food into fun cube bite size pieces, but also removes the crust from their bread for them!!!

Our next food item we used the Funbites on was on our chicken dinner. It made cutting up my children food so much easier. I loved having FunBites around to use to cut up my childrens’ food. It cut their food into perfect sized square pieces for them! Mama’s boy #3 loved stacking his cubed food before eating them!

Another plus about Funbites is that you can easily clean it by putting it on the top shelf of your dishwasher! It cleans up real well for your next use! Mama’s boy #1 and #2 will be starting back at school soon and this product is going to help me prepare their lunches for them!

Disclaimer: The Momma And boys and Oliver's Labels are not responsible for shipping the product. The Momma And Boys has received the product as a gift to do a review and giveaway and all opinions are from The Momma and Boys!

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