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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How MY family uses Oliver's Labels.

There are sooo many uses for Oliver's Labels. I thought I'd show you just a few ways MY family uses our labels.

We've labelled all our daughter's shoes with adorable shoe labels.
We spent the afternoon at the splash pad and there is no sign of my daughter's shoe labels coming off even though she was running all over through the water and in the playground!

My girls both have Finnish names and LOVE being able to personalize their pens and pencils.

Grandma bought the girls both the same little purse and they each have their own mini bag tags with their names on them.

Cute little makeup purse. Both the girls have the exact same one, so we use the the mini bag tags here also so they can tell who's is who's.

We labelled both their Nintendo DS's. We chose to add Oliver's Labels EXCLUSIVE fount it code to ALL our labels. That way we can be contacted if our item is ever found without disclosing any personal info on the actual labels

The Stick-eez Clothing Labels are the PERFECT size to 
fit on the back of all their DS game cartidges!

This is my younger daughter's InnoTab. A pretty purple label looks perfect!

 So the question is...
What would YOU label???

I'd love to hear. Leave me a comment and let me know:)

Save 10% using coupon code: jennifers


  1. I'd label my denture cup because when I was in the hospital along time ago they lost them. It took a whole day to find them.Now if I have to be in the hospital which I did last yr I kept them next to me.LOL!!!! It's ok to laugh :) Along time ago you want to know where they ended up finding my teeth? In a janitors closet?! I'm like the heck was he gonna do take my teeth home with him?! LOL!!! Is that funny or what?!